Namaste my friends:

We had the pleasure of meeting Spaniol about a year ago, he delighted us with his presence during the first edition of Alchemy Island. When we booked him we knew he was the perfect match to start working on our new “behind the scenes” project. Given his big personality, his endless stories and his amazing sense of humor, there was no time to be lost. As always, he was thrilled with the idea. Our video production team (Psquared) jumped into the project head first with us into this new project development that promised to increase our content creation. Knowing it was going to be a lot of work, we actually had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

As soon as we met with him at the airport the man had us laughing the whole trip back to the capital. He was very humbled by our welcome, knowing he was a foodie like us, we decided to give him a taste of our country so we took him to the famous local food restaurant by the sea. If you’ve seen the interview the man had been blown away by Dominican fried chicken, or as we call it “Chicharron de Pollo”. Needless to say we ordered some alongside our famous “Mofongo” and “Sancocho” featuring our Dominican pride: the plantain; in both mashed form and part of the Dominican meat stew.


After an overwhelming lunch we headed to Shaveurlegz’s Headquarters, where Spaniol shared some of his memories from his last visit. We then headed to the Psquared Studio, where Spaniol set up music equipment for us (Ableton Push and Arturia Keylab 49). He proceeded to teach us his production skills and live set technique (one that was taught to him by Acid Pauli). We could not believe anything that was happening, he only asked us to produce and send him tracks asap, [Mind=Blown]. Being really happy with the lecture we have been practicing, specially Psquared ‘s head of video production Eduardo Dreyer who produced a track surpassing anything any of us had expected.

Stay stuned Sonido Trópico – Santo Domingo episode 2 and catch more of what an amazing experience it was and a glance of Spaniol ’s unique personality.

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